Christmas for the Parents

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Christmas is all about great presents, eating as much food as you can and relaxing by the pool - no wait, you have kids now so Christmas is none of those things. Thankfully, Tribal Games has a few exciting treats for after the kids are tucked into bed as a result of their sugar comas.

Our "For the Parents" package includes the best 18+ games to enjoy with friends or family during the holiday season:

  • Drinking Fluxx - The game where the rules are always changing now includes rules for drinking!? Take shots, chug drinks, play rock paper scissors and make toasts until someone manages to win. And if the booze is too much, you can force players to switch to water! Great adaptation of a really fun game without letting the drinks overshadow the gameplay. Having personally played this game a number of times, I can safely say this is a good time for a group to enjoy around the holiday season.

  • Pick Your Poison - A similar concept to the fan favourite Cards Against Humanity, where players are put into "would you rather" scenarios. The NSFW edition of this game keeps the mood light until late into the night and the drinking rules only make the laughter louder. 

  • F**k the Game - The game created by Aussies for Aussies, which is obvious based on the name alone. The object of the game is to play out cards and either say the background colour, text colour, or a swear word based on the card. This is an awesome game to let off some steam with your mates after a long Christmas day.

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