Family Favourites Christmas Pack

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Christmas is a crazy time of year! Families come together to celebrate the holiday period and share their gifts with one another. Whether your Christmas is peaceful and pleasant or perfectly painful, board games are the best tradition to bring the family together (unless of course it's Monopoly you're playing).

Tribal Games have put together a "Family Favourites Christmas Pack" that consists of the less heard of games we thought were great for family or friends this Christmas holiday:

  • Fluxx - A card game where you change the rules and goals as you go. Awesome, casual fun for families or groups of friends with a quick set up, play, and pack up time without being repetitive. The 8+ rating makes this game perfect for families with kids or teenagers, but is also a great gift for 20-somethings looking for a casual game.

  • Small World - A larger board game where you take on a fantasy race and explore the world around you, trying to gain as many points as possible while preventing other races from doing the same. The theme of this game lends itself towards a slightly older generation making it a great gift for pre-teens or teens, however the 8+ rating makes this good fun for families too.

  • Pandemic - A strategy game where a group of players will work together to try to cure diseases across the globe while also juggling the present dangers of disease spread and epidemics. Working as a group to reach victory is a great way for families and friends to spend time together and Pandemic does this while channeling the competitive board game environment into something positive.

  • Munchkin - Kill the monsters. Steal the treasure. Stab your buddy. Munchkin gives players the option to either support each other or backstab each other, either way there can only be one winner. The art work and humour in this game place a light theme over the competitive nature of this game, making it fantastic fun for families trying to find a new game or any group of friends.

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