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A Tribal Games Review of Century Spice Road


Travel along the Spice Road as you gather resource cards and become the most wealthy trader. Trade the array of spices available to you to outwit your opponents and gather the most points to win. 

Reviewer's Note:

Century: Spice Road is a game that I, personally, have played many times as the large decks allow for varied experiences between games and the simple rules and set up make gameplay exciting and worth repeating.

The simple rules and interesting theme make Spice Road an experience that satisfies a varied audience, including families, groups of friends, children, university students who should probably be spending their time studying, or parents who said they bought the game for their kids but actually really enjoyed it and wanted a turn after a couple of glasses. Without a doubt, I can suggest this to anyone and be confident that within their first game they will be setting up another. 

How to Play:

Players begin the game with a simple collect card, a simple upgrade card and enough of the cheapest spice to make purchasing of collection cards simple. On their turn, a player can pick one of several options, as follows:

  • Use a card from their hand
    A player may use one of the cards in their hand to collect, trade, or upgrade spices as specified. Once the card is used it sits in front of that player (as it can be collected back later).
  • Purchase a collection card
    Players may purchase an available collection card by paying the appropriate amount of spices. This collection card will then enter their hand and will become usable on future turns.
  • Rest
    A player may choose to return all played cards back to their hand, essentially resetting their ability to play cards.
  • Purchase a point card
    Players can choose to trade the correct spices (as specified on the point card) to collect that specific card. The amount and type of spice required will be dependent on the number of points the card is worth, meaning that players who are collecting a large amount of expensive spices will be able to purchase higher value cards.

Once a player as purchased a certain number of point cards (determined by the number of players in the game) the game will end, and the player with the largest total points wins.


8.5 spicey spices out of 10

  • Replayability - 8.5/10
    Spice road combines together quantity and quality by including a large range of cards within both decks, making the game extremely enticing to play multiple times as the same combination of cards rarely comes up within multiple games. The inclusion of simple rules for such an easy to set up game also creates a highly replayable experience for anyone to enjoy over a span of several hours, days, weeks, months, or years.
  • Thematic - 7.5/10
    The theme within this game is brilliantly explored through the gorgeous artwork poured into every card and the immersive gameplay. The idea behind trading and purchasing cards and spices creates a world where players experience a real marketplace which gives Spice Road the competitive edge any game requires to be truly thematic.
  • Fun Times - 10/10
    The fact that this game has such a hugely varied target audience makes it a fantastic game to enjoy within any group of players. The exciting gameplay and simple set up means that Spice Road can be played for one quick session or hours on end, making it a truly enjoyable experience.

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