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A Tribal Games Review of Fluxx


Stop bothering with rule books, instead make your own rules, in the ever evolving game Fluxx! This card game starts with a basic set of rules, but through play slowly becomes more intense and complex, until someone achieves the goal. What goal? Well whatever goal happens to be out at the time, because even the method of winning changes as the game progresses.

Reviewer's Note:

Honestly Fluxx is an awesomly fun game, and everyone who I have seen play it has not been able to put it down. With several different themed versions of the game, there is always a universe waiting to have the rules bent. The self explanatory cards make gameplay easy to learn and the everchanging rules make every game fun and intense. 

Fluxx is also perfect for groups of several different sizes, each player will have an opportunity to change the rules and goals on their turns. A great game to introduce to friends, or even to play with family groups, always great for a few confused looks and a lot of laughs.

How to Play:

Players begin the game with 3 cards each in their hand and a basic ruleset: draw one card and play one card. Players must follow the rules fully, meaning at the start of the game each play must draw one card from the top of the deck and then play one card. The card played can alter the rules and goals of the game, the following are the different card types:

  • Rules
    Rule cards redefine what players can and cannot do on their turn, they can include changes to how many cards a player must draw or play on their turn, how many cards a player is allowed to carry in their hand, or even force players to play rock paper scissors on their turn.
  • Goals
    Defines the win condition for the game, normally laying out specific cards that a player must have in order to win.
  • Keepers
    These are cards that, as suggested, are kept by the player. They sit in front of the player who placed them down and remain there unless destroyed and stolen. Different keepers are normally used as definition for the goals in order to allow someone to win the game.
  • Actions
    Action cards allow players to change something in the game, sometimes this means drawing or playing extra cards beyond the rules and sometimes it means destroying or stealing another players' keepers.

Players will manipulate the rules throughout the game in order to attempt to play out the best goals and keepers so they can win.


9.5 new rules out of 10

  • Replayability - 9/10
    The huge selection of different rules mean that any game of fluxx could be wildly different to another which, when coupled with the many different goal cards, makes this game easy to pick up again and again. The variety of differences between games with several different players means that adding or removing players creates and even deeper replayable experience. 
  • Thematic - 10/10
    Normally a game with no obvious theme or story would rank low thematically, however the entire thematic experience is based around the idea of 'rules', which Fluxx represents perfectly. The entire gameplay and set of mechanics is completely focused around this theme, and the players all cover the roles of 'players changing rules'. The environment created by Fluxx is created by the players, meaning that thematically players are creating the world that they want to play in. 
  • Fun Times - 10/10
    Between the ever-changing ruleset and the intense gameplay, players can create their own exciting world through playing Fluxx. The ability for players to experience Fluxx game with different sized groups of all ages is a huge part of why this game is so enjoyable and exciting.

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