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A Tribal Games Review of OrganATTACK!


Take a dive into the gruesome depths of the human body, as you attempt to protect your vital organs from being plagued by diseases. OrganATTACK is a game in which players use disease cards to attack each others Organs, while also using medicine to protect their own, the last person standing wins!

Reviewer's Note:

This is honestly a fantastic game to play in a group setting or even just with 2 players. The gameplay is fast paced, but the rules are simple enough that players starting at even a young age will be able to pick them up quickly. The element of humour injected into every card, along with the unique animated art style, create an immersive environment for all players, making this game a truly enjoyable experience.

How to Play:

At the beginning of the game, all Organs are distributed equally among all players, they will sit face up in front of the player for the remainder of the game. Each player is also dealt 5 cards from the attack deck; cards from the attack deck are dealt facedown so that only the play who owns their cards can see them. 

The player with the 'wild' organ card has the first turn of the game, the turn proceeds as follows:

  • Play an Attack card - Players must play an attack card from their hand if they can. Attack cards can be used to damage other players' organs, but they can also be used to prevent damage to Organs, or to change the play of the game.
  • Discard and draw - If the play cannot play an attack card, as there are no corresponding organs left to attack, then that player can use their turn to discard two of their  attack cards and draw two more from the top of the deck.
  • Draw a card - At the end of their turn, the play must draw from the attack deck so that they have 5 cards in their hand.

Most organs die when they receive 2 attacks that have not been cured and the game ends once all players expect one have run out of organs and gone into total organ failure.


7 deadly diseases out of 10

  • Replayability - 6/10
    OrganATTACK! consists of several different gameplay strategies dependent on the number of players involved in a game: in a game with more players, someone could elect to spend the time defending themselves while everyone else may focus their tactics on attacking each other. These gameplay options provide players with an opportunity to develop different tactics over several games, which makes the game very replayable in that sense. The disease cards are where this game drops the ball a little on replayability, as they lack any in depth elements beyond applying damage to organs. The game also suffers from repetition issues, which are seen after at least three games with the same players. This repetition issue takes away significantly from the replayability of this game in a small group circle.
  • Thematic - 6/10
    The artwork and humour consistently bring players of all ages an enjoyable thematic environment to play in, which is supported by the gameplay mechanics of diseases killing organs. Where the game misses the mark thematically is around diversity within the organs; each organ has the same job within the game, however if the game were following its theme they would do completely different things, therefore causing different outcomes if one were to be damaged or killed.
  • Fun Times - 10/10
    The simple mechanics combined with the humour make this game perfect for introducing players of any age to board gaming. In a large group setting, or even with two players, each game is enjoyable and filled with tension. Even seasoned players will enjoy the game by applying more in depth strategy, while experiencing a thematically lighthearted environment.  


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