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A Tribal Games Review of Unlock!


Bring the excitement of the escape rooms into your own living room. Team up and challenge the vast array of scenarios presented through each game in the Unlock! series. Explore the magical land of Oz with Dorothy and her friends, survive the murky depths of the Nautilus' lair, or help little William face his fear of the boogeyman hiding in his room.

Reviewer's Note:

I don't know whether it's the challenge of completing the games or if it's the scenic world and equally as beautiful story, but something about the Unlock! series has caused me to personally buy and player every entry so far. I get so excited when new games are released for this series and set a block of time to enjoy the experience. 

Unlock! is similar to an escape room. Players start with a room card that contains clues for how to proceed. They meet different characters, combine objects to create new ones, and decode messages to unlock more areas. Each of these games is equally as fun as going to an escape room, without leaving the comfort of home. The stories and worlds are vast and well presented, the puzzles are fun but require a keen eye to solve, and the app brings an unexpected but welcome level of interactivity to each game. 

How to Play:

To begin with, players lay out all of the cards upside down. They are then given a starting card that explains the scenario and world before them. Throughout the course of the game, players will examine cards to attempt to find clues that allow them to reveal more cards. Some of these are simple:


As can be seen here the code to unlock the door is shown on the TV. The order for the code would be as shown on the door: Red, Orange, Blue, Green or 9, 3, 7, 2. Entering this code into the app would unlock the door and allow players to progress by revealing the next card. Players can also attempt to combine objects to reveal new cards:



    8 completed puzzles out of 10

    • Replayability – 6/10
      The stand out feature for the Unlock! series is that each game is acts as an escape room replacement. Similarly to an escape room, once successfully completing one of the games there are not a lot of options for replayability. The app does provide a score for how well players did regarding number of mistakes and speed of completion, but otherwise knowing the answer to every clue makes the second play through far easier. The saving grace for replayability is the sheer number of Unlock! games released consistently. Each game is enjoyable with unique features to help differentiate it from others, making the entire series worth playing. 
    • Thematic – 8/10
      Thematically, the game is aiming to immerse players into the feeling of an escape room through cards and an app. The music and sound effects, along with the interactivity of the app support the immersion and the deep story telling carries players into the world. The unique features and puzzles in each game also stick to the theme of an escape room without bleeding too far into repetition. 
    • Fun Times - 10/10
      Every Unlock! adventure is incredibly exciting, with opportunities to explore amazing world through unique features and stories. The feeling of accomplishment after solving a difficult puzzle bounces between players, keep the mood high. An overall incredibly fun experience for a group of any size. 

     Click HERE to check out the Unlock! series.

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